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Secret Service agent Clint Hill is seen running towards Kennedy’s limo. As the car speeds up, the man struggles to hop on. He grabs a rung, nearly slips and pulls himself aboard. Pushing Jacqueline Kennedy back into the car – he draped his body over hers and the fatally-wounded president as the car speeds to Parkland Memorial Hospital.

#JFK50 THE JOURNALIST: Jim Lehrer was at #LoveField on Nov 22, 1963 reporting for the Dallas Times Herald when he asked a Secret Service agent whether they would leave the bubble top up on President #Kennedy’s limousine. The agent looked up at the sky, noted it was clear, then turned to the other agents: “Lose the bubble top.” Later that evening, at the #Dallas police station, Lehrer would

When the shots were fired in Dallas 50 years ago, only one Secret Service agent managed to reach President John F. Kennedy. Clint Hill is 81 now, but his memories are sharp. He was assigned to protect Mrs. Kennedy. Hill was standing closest to the first lady on the side of the car following the presidential limousine.

Clint Hill

Jackie visits her husband's grave in 1964, as Clint Hill, her secret service agent follows close behind. He is the agent who was seen climbing onto the Presidential limo when Jackie tried to get away from the horror she had just witnessed. He was able to push her back into her seat and he climbed on top for protection on the way to Parkland hospital.

Hill was the only Agent to leave the follow-up car and attempt to protect those in the Presidential car. He rode spread-eagle over President and Mrs. Kennedy as the limousine raced to Dallas' Parkland Hospital. Hill was given an award from Mrs. Kennedy for "Extraordinary courage and heroic effort in the face of maximum danger."

The photo was taken by Jim Altgens, a few seconds after the fatal shot struck President Kennedy. Secret Service agent Clint Hill has jumped onto the back bumper of the limousine to aid Jacqueline Kennedy.

Hill remained assigned to Mrs. Kennedy and the children until after the 1964 presidential election. He then was assigned to President Johnson at the White House. Later, he became an agent in charge of presidential protection in '67 when Johnson was still in office and when Nixon came in, he moved over to Vice President Agnew, SAIC job. 

Then they assigned Hill to headquarters where he became an assistant director for all protection. He retired in 1975. 

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