Deniz Tek

Johnny Winter 1984 Guitar Greats concert. This is a bit long, but pure magic if you like fluid, inventive blues. Wait for it because it really takes off. I first saw Johnny at Gallup Park in Ann Arbor in '69. I saw him again at the Ark about 4 years ago, old and infirm. Both times, magnificent and inspiring.

John Coltrane 1965 playing "Vigil" with the quartet featuring Elvin Jones on drums. This is just a tiny slice of the vast galaxy of greatness that Trane created. Dennis "Machine Gun" Thompson once told me that when he was starting out, he aspired to be like a combination of Elvin Jones and Keith Moon. (Machine Gun achieved that and much more)

Lady GaGa 2009 Paparrazi This is a great song done in a lovely way, live and intimate, just Stef on the piano and singing without processing. She doesn't need the pitch leveler and her producers should ditch all that crap. (you can click off the stupid opening advert after the first few seconds)

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