"New York City Gangland is the eye-catching crown jewel of Mafia history. A superlative record of the mob's luminaries and events, and proof positive that a unique photo is more captivating than thousands of words." -- Selwyn Raab, NY Times columnist & author of 'Five Families'

I received this awesome images book on New York City's Gangland from author Arthur Nash in the mail last week and I just finished it last night. Being a huge follower of gangland activities and personnel from the prohibition era and onward. I found Arthur's book totally thrilling! I knew most of the players but these photos I had never seen before ... Awesome and graphic too.

Arthur sent me a cool post card of Al Capone in Jantzen wear swim trunks! Thank s so much Artie I loved this book! xK

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Al Capone: The Snapshot Heard Round the World
The Mob Scene Gallery: Crazy Joey Gallo Exhibit

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Anonymous said...

On Friday(3/9/12), we went into the city to visit the Mob Scene Gallery which houses all sorts of Mob artifacts. They were closed and we were very disappointed, this is the email I sent them and their response was quite shocking:


I'm writing this to say how disappointed we were today that you were closed. My boyfriend and I took the day off for my birthday today, drove into NYC to see your gallery and spend the day in Little Italy. We arrive around 10:30am and had coffee at Cafe Roma waiting for you to open. We then walked the streets, had lunch at Angelo's and stopped back at the gallery to find you had opened but the door was locked, no one around. We sat at your little cafe table (around 2:00p) waiting for someone to show up, checked in with the shoemaker to see if he knew when you would be back, he didn't know. We made our way back to our car and drove back to NJ.

Your hours, according to your website, start at 10:00a.......maybe your should revise your hours or put a sign on your door with your hours.

Gravely disappointed,

Or maybe YOU should have taken a minute to call ahead. You
certainly took a minute out of my day and yours to complain, so a phonecall
would have served some purpose.

WE ARE A FREE EXHIBITION, not the Museum of the City of New York.

Don't bother coming back

My response to their lovely response was as follows: We must have overlooked your recommendation of calling ahead on your website, but I can recommend several referrals to you to help you with your anger issues. Thank you for your kind response.

MobScene Reply to My Response:
We have a solution to the anger issue. It's block your fucking emails lady.

I recommend you stay indoors since you apparently believe the planet revolves around
you and your idiotic decisions. Like when you decided you'd just drive to another
state without bothering to CALL AHEAD.

Sounds like you fed your face while you were here, so feed this to your ears:


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