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“We met in the drunk tank. I came to, and there they were! The acoustics were great, but it gets pretty boring when your only audience is the police.” – Dusty Grave, lead singer, Stellar Corpses.

Well, if that leaves you with your jaw on the floor, read on.

The band’s sense of humor is evident in the above quote. The four guys in Stellar Corpses (which literally means “dead stars”) not only rock, but are also intelligent, cool people and have kick ass personalities. Their album Dead Stars Drive-In (Santa Carla Records) drops on January 24, 2012. And they’re not bad to look at either, for all the females reading this.

Good looks aside, they can rock the hell out of any venue they play. They’re hard core rockers to the bone, and they prove it every time they hit the stage or whenever their music is played. Their new album, Dead Stars Drive-In (Santa Carla Records), will be released on January 24, 2012, and was produced by Joe McGrath (AFI, Tiger Army, Alkaline Trio and many more). “It was amazing to record in the same place that so many of my influences recorded,” Dusty exudes. “Black Flag, Descendents and Pennywise to name a few. And working with Joe McGrath was incredible. He helped us to make the best record of our lives. “We are excited to have some really special guests on the album like Hunter Burgan (AFI), Jade Puget (AFI) and Michale Graves (Misfits)!”

Stellar Corpses list their musical influences as Elvis, Black Flag, Social Distortion, Stray Cats, Bad Religion, Black Sabbath, AFI, The Misfits, Danzig, Rancid, Sepultura and Megadeth.

With a mix like that, it’s no wonder Stellar Corpses blended their musical tastes into something really special. Says the whole band, “We hope we can inspire some young kid who’s life is changing and needs some music to relate to. Morbid music saves lives…we don’t care what anyone says.”


WHO: Santa Cruz punk rockers Stellar Corpses

WHAT: Video premiere and party for single “Vampire Kiss”

WHEN: Sunday, October 30, 8:00pm

WHERE: The Viper Room, downstairs, 8852 W. Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90069


On October 30, Stellar Corpses will be debuting/screening their new video for “Vampire Kiss.” There will also be a raffle and a band meet-and-greet.

The video for “Vampire Kiss” is a wink and a nod to a certain cult classic movie that was shot in Santa Cruz. “Shooting a professional video was a new experience for us, so we didn't know what to expect,”

Dusty continues. “We knew director Justin Janowitz was good, but we didn't know he was THAT good! Watching him pour himself into his work was truly inspirational. He is a real artist, fully present in every aspect of the project from casting to location scouting to set design to making sure each shot was perfect.

He made it really easy for us to get into our roles as artists and entertainers. It being our first pro video, we were all pretty nervous, but Justin and his awesome crew helped us relax and deliver the best performance possible.”

The video also boasts cameos from producer Joe McGrath (Tiger Army, Offspring, Alkaline Trio, AFI, etc.), who produced Dead Stars Drive-In, and AFI’s Hunter Bergan, who sings backup vocals on the track. “Working with Hunter Burgan was amazing.

He took the video to a deeper, darker level, which was perfect... way more than we expected. When I heard he was going to do a cameo, we thought he would just walk by in the background and then bail, but he didn't. He fully embraced his role and brought some serious intensity to the set.”

Stellar Corpses release their full album Dead Stars Drive In (Santa Carla Records) on January 24, 2012, and release the “Vampire Kiss” single on iTunes on Halloween 2011, the day after the video premiere event.

Please RSVP (space is limited):

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