"To all the warriors and veterans, and to all men and women in uniform who continue to serve, I salute you with this song!" Dick Wagner

Dick Wagner , legendary guitarist and songwriter for Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Aerosmith, among many others, performs his soaring guitar driven, epic story of heroism and the universal soldier. JERUSALEM is built on the powerful rock foundation of Wagner's majestic, virtuoso guitars and compelling vocal performances.

Dick Wagner shares his personal comments on JERUSALEM :

"The old saying that 'War is Hell' is abundantly true for any age in any theater of battle. The familial dynamic of a mother taking pride in her child in uniform, and the warrior going into battle, is a scene repeated through time immemorial. Soldiers fight in the desert, in the mountains, in the trenches, in the jungles, and at sea, standing beside their brothers and sisters, with the pride of serving found in the heart of every soldier. This song speaks to the many and varied battlefields of our shared histories.

JERUSALEM is very special to me, as it took years from the moment I conceived the music, until the night I finally found the words and emotion to finish the song. I always loved the musical structure, but it was ten years of reflection on the pride and dedication of the universal soldier, before the narrative of this song was born."

I sincerely thank you for listening to my song.

Dick Wagner


dick wagner said...

My comment is simple..Thank you Kim for helping me spread the word of the plight of soldiers down through the ages and their unbreakable ties to family back home, through this song of mine. I'll see you in November in the powerful city of Detroit.
Dick Wagner

Vittala said...


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