Bootsey X (Robert Mulrooney)

It has been not quite three years since I began the Retrokimmer blog. What a wild ride! There wasn't much action on Facebook in 2008 when I began but now FB is an integral part of life for a blogger. Networking and meeting new friends and readers is a joy. Another fun part of FB for me is when musicians find my page and comment or just hang out. Such is the case for Bootsey X and Kimmer.

For the past year or so Bootsey X has left comments or liked things that I was doing or photographing to post on FB. He just seemed like such a nice guy. He truly is one of the nicest people I have ever met.

Gerald Shohan and Bootsey X

Anyway, I was headed out to his area to shoot the Guitar Center Drum Off and knowing that Bootsey (like IGGY) is also a drummer, I thought he might like to go along. Thought it would be fun to shoot BX in different environments around the store.

Kimmer and Bootsey X

Never had met Bootsey (Robert Mulrooney) in person, before last night. Stanley T. Madhatter and I went to a gig at the Painted Lady in 2010 for Bootsey, but we just missed meeting him. I did get to see the Lovemasters but Bootsey was downstairs relaxing...

Listen to Pusherman of Love

Some of the Lovemasters are famous Detroiters that we like already like guitarists Phil "Greasy" Carlisi, Ricky Rat, and Gerald Shohan (we met Gerry last night), who's been a Bootsey associate (and Lovemaster) since they started in Coldcock in way back land.

Bootsey X

Bootsey X, has been a mainstay of the Detroit rock scene since his early days as the drummer for the Ramrods. More recently, he’s known as the infamous frontman of Bootsey X and the Lovemasters.
Cool Black Vic Firth Sticks Bootsey bought at GC

Bootsey gave me 3 of his cds last night and autographed them all for me! YAY... I uploaded them on my computer and rocked out until 3 am with the Lovemaster.... You guys will love him.... and his kick ass band....

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