Michael Allman and Retro: Kimmer

What a great day in Detroit! Kimmer met up with Michael Allman and his old friend and road wrangler Terry Sach at a Cuban Cigar Bar. I had filmed at this bar before and loved the bright colors and laid back atmosphere.

After interviewing Michael by phone Monday... Rikki thought it would be a good idea to meet Michael an hour ahead of his appearance in Detroit on Friday.

Being the son of Gregg Allman who has always been a powerful influence in southern rock, Michael sounds like his poppa but really has motown roots. As a kid Michael traveled across the south but was brought up mainly in Michigan. How cool is that? Listen to his voice and it's definitely Gregg Allman's son but definitely with some Motown bottom on it.

One of the nicest guys to meet... with so much talent and such a soulful voice. I look forward to working with him on some future music projects.

Michael arrived early so we had a lot of fun hanging out for almost 2 hours! Took a lot of photos and shot 3 fun videos.

Michael Allman photo: Kimmer

Michael's two guitar players from his Green Door gig showed up from Kalamazoo to back Michael up at UDetroit Cafe. Lucky for us Michael decided to play a bit as a rehearsal and how thrilling it was to hear that voice! No mic necessary!

Michael is so kind and straightforward! You ask him a question and he will answer it... Our interview together on camera was like over 11 minutes. We could have had a 2 hour interview if my battery hadn't conked out on me!

I just loved talking and hanging out with Michael... he is just such a great man... One of the things that I particularly loved about him is how highly he spoke about his girlfriend Alex. Really nice to hear positive when so many go negative...

Michael and Terry Sach

Michael's It is what it is Tattoos! pt 1

Michael's It is what it is Tattoos! pt 2

Michael asked me to post that he will be appearing in Macon GA at Grant's Lounge Nov 11 with the Fox City Band.He is playing today in Houghton Lake as a benefit for ARK Association of Rescue of KrittersIt was such a great time and I thank all that made this story possible....xoRK

All photos/videos by Retrokimmer

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