Retrokimmer.com is about to turn 3 next week and I began thinking about the people that helped launch RK into the blogosphere! One of the biggest boosts for me was The Stooges Forum. This is a huge website that focuses on all that is Stooge related. We are talking about Iggy Pop, The Ashetons, and the other Stooges members not Larry, Moe and Curly.

Just this week I had a chat with the creator of The Stooges Forum. I already know Goran Polak who runs a section of TSF called Jesus Loves the Stooges. I assumed that Goran was the creator of the entire site. NOPE

My pal Heather Harris of Fast Film told me who the real person was behind the curtain.... After chatting for a couple of hours yesterday (via the internet) I have learned that our TSF admin is a very private person. I will say that this Admin is a young woman from another country. We respect the privacy of others as much as possible here on RK.

We talked about how she got started and TSF came about when she noticed that the "Official" Stooges Forum had tons of yucky porn sites on it. Someone sent her a link to setting up your own free forums and she took off. Completely self taught! I did the same thing with RK blog too. Had no idea how to blog as she never created a forum before either.

I asked the admin how she discovered the Stooges. Being from Ann Arbor, MI I had been exposed to them since the late 60's. Our admin friend is just 25 yrs old. Her answer was that she had of course known who Iggy was but not the Stooges. She saw someone posting about them in another forum.

Her first Stooge purchase was Raw Power. I told her my favorite is Funhouse. She feels that LP is the greatest rock lp of all time. Of course Funhouse has stood the test of time and continues to influence musicians and draw new fans to this day and well beyond.

RK has many related rock friends to the Stooges and we began posting on TSF to share some inside information on Detroit Rock n Roll and that began our three year friendship. It was so great meeting our Admin friend and we give her 3 snaps up for her accomplishment in building that fantastic site! xxooRK

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