The Wyandotte Museum

The Wyandotte Museum is dedicated to inspiring and fostering public awareness, interest, understanding and appreciation of the unique history of the city of Wyandotte and its relationship to the Downriver region.

I had planned to do a story on this Museum many times but something always interfered with my plans. I was most interested in the Detroit Purple Gang as a lot of them died and were buried in Wyandotte.

So when I arrived and saw the terrific Halloween decorations everywhere I thought that this was an even better story for October.

Antique Halloween Post Card

Walked up the steps and tour guide Shirley opened the door and asked me to come inside. The museum was completely dressed for Halloween and a 1900 Funeral...

1900 Funeral

I just loved WM tour guide, Shirley... I even had suspicions that she might be one of the ghostly original inhabitants (LOL) of the home... She knew that much about the place! Shirley was the perfect person for that job. She had a truly ghoulish sense of humor...

Shirley described how back at the turn of the 20th century, people had funerals in their own homes. In fact that is where the term Funeral "Parlor" came from. I was stunned to find out about embalming being done inside people's homes, basements, garages, and back yards!

Beautiful roses on top of an adolescent casket

Couldn't get over how skinny this casket was... Had to be for a really young child. Shirley explained about babies having all white decorations because they were "pure". Adolescents had black and white as they were a little of both. Adults had pure black.. sinners that adults are.

Kimmer playing in a bathroom

Beautiful still life scene in the kitchen

More from the kitchen

The Museum is decorated with a great deal of glee and dark humor. Ravens are on every wall hanging... Just a really fun place to visit for Halloween! Lots of great crepe paper decorations...

I love black cats so this postcard really caught my attention. The woman with a broom and the funny cats trick or treating with the pumpkins and dunce caps on their heads...

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