Michael Allman

Michael Allman is the first son of Southern Rock Legend Gregg Allman. . Michael grew up in Daytona Beach, Florida. His mother went to high school with Duane and Gregg in Daytona. They were very young and The Allman brothers band was just taking off. So like many other children of rock n roll legends Michael grew up with a father that lived on the road.

Michael led the “Michael Allman Band” throughout most of the 1990's before he traded it in for the serenity of domestic life.

Had a really nice chat today with Michael Allman. Michael is the oldest son of Gregg Allman of the Legendary Allman Brothers Band. He is in town for a gig tonight at the Green Door in Lansing Michigan. Friday Michael is performing at Udetroit Cafe this Friday October 14 on air at 3pm.

Spent a lot of time listening to Michael's music and I love it. It is great to know that Michael can carry on the family traditions. Yes he does sound a bit like his pop but he has his own unique Allman signature vocal. There is no mistaking the voice Michael possesses...

Asked Michael today who his favorite musician was and without missing a beat he told me, "My DAD!" That was fresh considering most children of rock stars shun the family connections and want to carve their own career.. I just loved the fact that Michael really respects his father's music and career.

Last week I wrote a story about the album "Laid Back" by Gregg Allman. When this story was mentioned Michael told me that album was the soundtrack of his life. He was about 9 years old when that LP came out and he listened to it and believed his father was speaking directly to him through those songs. What a beautiful thought... and as Michael says... "It is What it Is" Stay tuned for more on Michael later this week....

Poor Elijah Foundation

Michael is affiliated with the Poor Elijah Foundation along with Michelle Bramlett daughter of Delany Bramlett (RIP)

Poor Elijah Foundation is dedicated to assisting musicians in need develop strong business ethics within the music industry. Through mentoring, workshops and seminars, PEF will take the working musician and educate them in various aspects of the music industry, e.g. engineering, management, publishing, money management, contract negotiations, and musical education to elevate the art of the artist fostering skills to become more proficient in their craft. PEF also provides financial relief to the working musician.


New T-Shirt is now on Sale on Michael's Website under the "Store" tab .
Michael's music is available everywhere...Itunes, Amazon, CDBaby etc...

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