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As I was digging through aq mountain of cds yesterday to add to my Itunes.... I found this gem and have been playing it over and over all day. Gregg Allman's solo cd Laid Back. This LP was part of the soundtrack of my senior year in high school.

My top 3 favorites songs on this album are "Queen of Hearts". Second is "Multi-Colored Lady" and Third "Please Call Home". The entire album is great actually...

Women are the main focus for Gregg's bluesy lyrics. He writes about women in suchh a vulnerable and honest fashion. No phony pride here. Gregg exposes his pain and heartache like very few other men... That to me is one of thing s that makes this album so compelling.

The Gregg Allman band line up for this record is huge! 26 musicians and vocalists and 6 producers/engineers/managers. Quite an orchestra... Click HERE to take a look at the huge list of players and instruments.

All tracks composed by Gregg Allman; except where indicated below

1."Midnight Rider" (Allman, Robert Kim Payne) – 4:28
2."Queen of Hearts" – 6:17
3."Please Call Home" – 2:48
4."Don't Mess Up a Good Thing" (Oliver Sain) – 4:13
5."These Days" (Jackson Browne) – 3:56
6."Multi-Colored Lady" – 4:55
7."All My Friends" (Scott Boyer) – 4:32
8."Will the Circle Be Unbroken" (arranged by Allman & Johnny Sandlin)– 4:49

Full Gregg Allman Band line up is HERE

Laid Back is a 1973 album by Gregg Allman and was released on the Capricorn Records label. It peaked at number 13 on the Billboard Pop Albums charts in 1974 the year I graduated from High School

Allmusic.com stated: "Recorded in the same year as the Brothers and Sisters album, this solo debut release is a beautiful amalgam of R&B, folk, and gospel sounds, with the best singing on any of Gregg Allman's solo releases."

In Rolling Stone, reviewer Tony Glover said "Laid Back isn't quite what you'd expect from Gregg's work with the Brothers Band. Instead, it's a moody LP, often tinged with grandeur, and maybe just a little too rich and one-colored in spots. But on the whole, a moving look at another side of a finely charismatic singer/writer."

Look what I found on YouTube! A two hour audio/video of Gregg Allman performing these songs from 1974.. Get some headphones and rock out! I love this and I am playing it as I put this story together tonight...

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