Citadel Records

Formed in 1982 with the express intention of facilitating the release of music created by alternative and unsigned local Sydney bands, Citadel Records is proud to announce it has now reached its 30th anniversary.

To celebrate this milestone Citadel will present a special one off run of showcase gigs over the weekend October 26th to 28th. Three of Citadel’s current roster will be featured. Perth’s DomNicks, Sydney’s Deniz Tek and Melbourne based Penny Ikinger will play Melbourne’s Caravan Music Club (Fri 26th), Sydney’s Sandringham Hotel (Sat 27th) and Wollongong’s The Patch (Sun 28th). Check out venue websites and Citadel's News Page closer to the dates for full details.

The DomNicks

The DomNicks combine the Perth garage rock/power pop of Dom Mariani (The Stems, DM3, Someloves), with guitarist Nick Shepherd from Bristol punks The Cortinas and the 1983-86 line-up of The Clash, having replaced Mick Jones.

A meeting of musical minds for Dom and Nick, they teamed up with Howard Shawcross (The Elks, The Riptides) on bass and Marz Frisina on drums in 2007. A hang loose combo playing a mix of Dom and Nick originals with a spread of 60's and 70's garage soul classics, this band of seasoned players punches well above its collective musical weight.

September 21st 2012 sees The DomNicks release their debut Citadel album Super Real. A powerful blend of swagger ‘n’ roll rock, soul and pop smarts, Super Real continues in the tradition of The DomNicks recording debut, Hey Rock ‘n Roller (Off The Hip 2009), but expands on that gutsy guitar driven sound taking a ride through some very different genres, interlocking into one seamless musical journey.

Deniz Tek

The founding member and chief songwriter of the acclaimed Radio Birdman has created a large body of unique work over the last 30 years since Birdman’s demise.

His Citadel Years double CD release (Citadel 2010) featured a varied selection of tracks derived from multiple album and EP releases, many of which are currently out of print or hard to find. Collaborations with notable musicians were a feature with, amongst others, a track recorded with MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer and a previously unheard Birdman studio demo with Tek on vocals.

Tek’s songs are singularly unique, bridging the gap between the style of Radio Birdman and a totally new path of experimentation. Live appearances are always of great interest to fans, aficionados of underground Australian rock, and anyone who appreciates unique songs - guitar and vocal style. A new album is expected early next year.

Penny Ikinger

Penny Ikinger started out playing guitar in Sydney garage punk band Wet Taxis, beginning a long and fruitful collaboration with Sydney piano legend Louis Tillett. The band’s sublime 7” Sailor's Dream (Citadel 1986) was followed by the band’s demise although Ikinger continued to play and record with Tillett as he launched his solo career. She has appeared on a number of his albums including his highly successful Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell (Citadel 1987).

Penny launched her own solo career in 2000. Her debut album Electra was released by Career Records (USA) and Bang! Records (Spain) and appeared on alternative Top Ten lists for 2003 in America, Canada and Australia. Her latest album is Penelope (Citadel 2010).

Penny has electrified audiences around Australia, America, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Canada and New Zealand. She will tour Japan this October accompanied by Deniz Tek on guitar.

Postscript - A Bit About Citadel

From small beginnings the label grew to become a leading figure in the domestic 80’s Australian alternative music movement. With a thriving local live music scene in place the label helped many of its acts build national reputations. This era saw the emergence of many acts that would soon come to prominence. Leading the roster were Sydney based acts Died Pretty, The Lime Spiders, New Christs, The Trilobites and Louis Tillett with Brisbane providing The Screaming Tribesmen and Perth, The Stems and The Bamboos.

Growing in tandem with the domestic market the label established a vibrant export trade centered on Europe. This saw to many Citadel acts gaining releases across the European territories via a series of label license deals. This in turn led to many of these acts building significant international fan bases and mounting successful international tours.

With the coming of the nineties the label’s fortunes waned as Australian majors joined the rush to sign ‘alternative music’ based mainly on the unfolding of Nirvana’s global success. Undeterred by being unable to financially compete, the label kept on releasing local Australian music with Died Pretty, The Jackson Code and DM3 at the fore.

The 2000’s saw a restructuring of the label to concentrate on reissues. Repackaging of Radio Birdman, The Scientists and The Stems have proven particularly successful. 2012 will see the continuing reissues of a series of five double CDs from Sydney’s Hard-Ons under the moniker of A Decade of Rock. 2013 will see the entire Radio Birdman catalogue in a box set as well as a box set of DM3’s five albums, a double CD set of The Jackson Code’s early releases and a double CD anthology from The Trilobites.

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