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Had a lovely chat today with Larry King.. lead vocalist of hot band Soleil Moon. One of the very first things Larry told me was about meeting his wife for the first time when they were both 10 years old living in North Chicagoland.. Larry told me that they were married at age 22 and he is still crazy about her...We already loved Larry's music and we dig him even more now...

It was interesting to learn that Larry rarely writes love songs. He told me he has great love in his life therefore there is no need to write about broken hearts and drama.. Larry is very concerned with the state of our world and the rights of animals and people. His music is inspiring and uplifting... He wants to leave a mark on this earth with his music. Not a bit shallow is he.

Larry plays with the very finest musicians. He spent more time talking about his band mates than himself..His band are very seasoned session players. They have played with everyone! Watch the video below and you'll hear Larry talking about the many artists his band has played with.


We are thrilled to be working with Larry and Soleil Moon on October 5 at the Millennium Club in Ann Arbor and also appearing at Callahan's in Auburn Hills, October 25. This band is so tight! I love chatting with people that are true to themselves and following their dreams..

Larry is brilliant and his powerful energy caught me a bit off guard...I am not sure what I expected but he was so smart and we talked music genres and the evolution of the Soleil Moon band. We could have talked forever about our favorite players.

Larry's whole team are so quick and on top of things. My pal...Record Promoter Jack Ashton and I were talking alter about the hyper speed of Larry's people..Mike Weber sent me Soleil Moon's music and photos in seconds...Like I said..they are really on it...

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Genres: Pop / Rock / Adult Contemporary
Label: MFO Entertainment Group

Members: Larry King, John Blasucci, Khari Parker, Lamar Jones, Chris Siebold

Larry King -- Creator/ Lead Vocalist President -- MFO Entertainment Group The driving force behind Soleil Moon, Larry has been involved in every facet of the entertainment industry from the time he was a young boy. He began at the age of seven and although his schedule was busy with performances on stage and screen he managed to feature in 52 commercials before the age of 13.

During his college years at the University of Miami and later Wisconsin, Larry established some important relationships with professionals in the music industry, building a steadfast foundation for the years to come.

He became nationally renowned for his writing and vocal ability and experimented with various projects including his band Human Factor which was signed by Caliber Records in Los Angeles, an independent label with Warner Brothers Distribution.

In the early 90’s, Larry had branched into other realms, including writing the rock opera “Sins Of The Father”, which was staged by the Winston-Salem Repertory Company in North Carolina.

Larry is well known in Chicago and nationwide for, among other things, his work on commercial jingles with a diverse range of clients including ‘Ferrara-Pan’ candy, R.C. Cola, Coca-Cola, Gatorade, Enterprise Rental Cars, Long John Silver, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, the CD ROM game ‘You Don’t Know Jack’ and the theme song for The Heritage Christian Church…to name a few.

Soleil Moon has been heard on radio stations coast to coast and seen on CD Highway on PBS, WLS-TV in Chicago and WGN-TV Chicago

Thanks so much to Mike Weber, Jack Ashton, and Larry King for assisting me with this story today.. xxooK

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