Spanky and Our Gang was an American 1960s folk-rock band led by Elaine "Spanky" McFarlane. The band derives its name from Hal Roach's popular Our Gang comedies of the 1930s (known to modern audiences as The Little Rascals). The group was known for its vocal harmonies.

The group's first album, simply titled Spanky and Our Gang, was released by Mercury Records on August 1, 1967, and included three popular songs that were released as singles. These were "Sunday Will Never Be the Same" (their biggest hit, which reached number No. 9 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in the summer of 1967), followed by "Making Every Minute Count" (reached No. 31) and "Lazy Day" (reached No. 14).

Both "Sunday Will Never Be The Same" and "Lazy Day" sold over one million copies. "Sunday Will Never Be the Same" was written by Terry Cashman and Gene Pistilli. In an interview by Cashman with the Songfacts website, he revealed that the song was originally written as a ballad. However, Cashman said the group "changed it, and they added the vocal, 'Ba-da-da-da-da,' which was a great hook."

Their second album, Like to Get to Know You, was released in April 1968. Two singles were released: "Sunday Mornin'" in the spring, which reached No. 30, and "Like to Get to Know You", which reached No. 17 in the Summer 1968. The single's B-side, "Three Ways From Tomorrow", also received considerable airplay. The album included their rendition of "Stardust", and a version of "Everybody's Talkin'", best known as a hit single for Harry Nilsson and the theme song for the movie Midnight Cowboy.


Elaine "Spanky" McFarlane (born June 19, 1942, Peoria, Illinois) - vocals
Nigel Pickering (June 15, 1929, Pontiac, Michigan – May 5, 2011, St. Augustine, Florida) - rhythm guitar, vocals
Paul "Oz" Bach (June 24, 1939, Paw Paw, West Virginia – September 21, 1998, Asheville, North Carolina) - bass guitar, vocals (1966–67)
Malcolm Hale (May 17, 1941, Butte, Montana – October 30, 1968, Chicago, Illinois) - lead guitar, trombone, vocals.
John "The Chief" Seiter (born August 17, 1944, St. Louis, Missouri) - drums, vocals (1967–69)
Kenny Hodges (born August 3, 1936, Jacksonville, Florida) - bass, vocals (1968–69)
Lefty Baker (January 7, 1939, Roanoke, Virginia - August 11, 1971, California) - lead guitar, banjo, vocals (1968–69)

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