Dear RK readers... The Sando in Sydney is in danger of being shut down... My friends Deniz Tek, Chris Klondike Masuak, and Niagara Detroit have all played there and this is a very cool venue!! I have been asked to help raise the visibility of the horrible situation.. Plz take a minute to read this story and watch the videos....xK

A bit of history on The Sando posted 2 days ago by blogger Shirley Pena... The Sandringham hotel, located at the southern end of busy King Street, Newtown, Sydney, Australia, was built in the 1860′s and originally was a coach house-style hotel. In the early years the hotel played host to and accommodated traveling actors who were performing at local theaters, business men and travelers to Sydney.

It played a significant role in the community, and staged many local community events on its original balcony such as election and community speeches. On certain occasions it even acted as the local morgue! It was recognized this year by the Marrickville Council as the oldest existing business in its municipality.

Sandringham Hotel - Sunday August 26 2012 Members of ACDC, The Angels, Rose Tattoo, & The Choirboys playing on the back of a flatbed truck, supporting the 'Save Our Sando' fundraiser on King St Newtown,

The Commonwealth Bank is attempting to close The Sandringham Hotel even though the owners have never missed a payment. They need to wait until the Senate enquiry is complete before winding up the hotel.

Do not bank with The Commonwealth Bank if you support live music in Sydney.

Today, the Sandringham Hotel, or “The Sando” as it is affectionately known in the area, is a Sydney icon. The hotel is renowned for its venue which for many years has played host to a wide variety of artists and bands both known and unknown. Within the music industry “The Sando” is recognised as a place where young bands can get a start and where established acts feel comfortable performing showcase and warm up gigs. The hotel has maintained this reputation which sets it apart from other hotels in the area.


"Save The Sando" Rally in Martin Place 18.09.12 With Doc Neeson from Colin Lucas on Vimeo.

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