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"Dumb Love" Video Release Next Single Off Hurtsville LP

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September 13, 2012) Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders unveil the third single, "Dumb Love" off the much lauded, Hurtsville LP. "Dumb Love" produces a Springsteen-meets-Nick-Cave effect, where a cool 80's sheen is polished alongside his trademark baritone.

Called "tremendously epic" by MTV, a stalwart density soaks these songs. From its vintage production techniques (digital metalizer anyone?) and evocative symbolism of regret, subversion, death, misguided love and panic, Ladder and his cohorts deliver a set that's deeply from the heart, its grip unyielding.

Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders – "Dumb Love" from Jack Ladder on Vimeo.

The accompanying video, directed by fellow Australian, Wilk, is much like the track and finds Jack Ladder embracing a lighter side, putting a twist on the classic performance video with a series of facial contortions that are equally intriguing as they are horrifying.

The "Dumb Love" video premiered today via Impose Magazine who declared, "Beneath the simplicity, the humor, and at times the uncomfortably horrific, in the video for "Dumb Love" is an atmospheric rock song bearing touch tones of Nick Cave and a bit of 80's romanticism."

Order the limited edition, 180 gram vinyl, complete with download card and hand-numbered photo/lyric book, via the Holloweyed webstore.

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