Doug Harvey

In this video, former Washtenaw County Sheriff Doug Harvey reflects on the murders of seven young women that shocked the Ann Arbor &Ypsilanti communities between 1967 and 1969. At the Kiwanis Club Ann Arbor Morning Edition, on June 29, 2011, former Washtenaw County Sheriff Douglas J. Harvey reflected on the investigation of John Norman Collins in connection with those murders. Former Ann Arbor News reporter Bill Tremyl was also present and contributed in recounting the events during that time. 

Doug Harvey

Crime Library Story By Katherine Ramsland  No Leads Only four days later, another construction worker found Maralynn Skelton, 16, beaten to death and left not more than a quarter of a mile from where Joan Schell's body had been found. She had been brutally battered about the head and left exposed in a rape position, with a tree branch jammed into her.

Former sheriff recalls Washtenaw County's most notorious serial killer: http://bit.ly/ml-mmsw

Her body was covered with welts, as if she had been hit with a large-buckled belt. Imprinted across her breasts were marks that could have been from straps. Her clothes (except underwear) were piled beside her body, her shoes next to her feet, and a piece of dark blue cloth was stuffed into her throat. Since she was a known drug abuser, police felt that she might have been running with a bad crowd. She had been hitch-hiking the day she disappeared. Full Story Here

40 years later...

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