Fleetwood Mac‘s Stevie Nicks has been announced as the subject of a new documentary, ‘In Your Dreams – Stevie Nicks,’ set to premiere on Oct. 7 at the Hamptons International Film Festival.

Directed by Dave Stewart — the erstwhile Eurythmic who co-produced Nicks’ 2011 release, also titled ‘In Your Dreams’ — the film delves into the writing and recording process behind the album. According to a press release, cameras followed Nicks as “she holed up in a magical old mansion high atop the hills of Los Angeles with Stewart and a wild cast of characters,” tracking her on what she calls “the best year of my life.”

The film promises to reveal Nicks’ long-secret inner life, which reportedly includes “costume parties, joyous dinner feasts, tap dancing, fantasy creations” — and, of course, writing and recording music.

In addition, ‘In Your Dreams’ is said to include cameos from “Mick Fleetwood, Reese Witherspoon, a massive white stallion in the backyard, owls and naturally a few vampires who appear in several ‘home movie’ style music videos,” as well as Edgar Allen Poe, who has been dead since 1849.

“I think you see in this film that Stevie just tells it like it is,” observed Stewart. “She is who she is, and she doesn’t change.” There is no word on any home video release plan for this film.

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