Guinness World's Youngest PRO Drummer Julian Pavone 7

Last night we went out to Roseville Michigan to shoot Guinness World Records Youngest Professional Drummer Julian Pavone's drum solo at the Guitar Center Drum Off Finals.

Knew there would be some really hot young drummers and we were not disappointed! Julian is too young to enter this competition but not to young to steal the show!

The last event of the evening was Julian playing the drum solo from Dave Brubeck's classic "Take 5". Here is my video of Julian's solo:

Julian just blew away the room! Wow it is so incredible watching this young drummer... Even the other drummers were total Julian fans...

So cute!

Julian has such control for so young. I was lucky the store manager let me film from 4 ft away. It was the first time I really got to watch him solo without any interference or people walking through my shot. Amazing... we just don't have any adjectives left! Julian is so talented and yet he is just such a normal boy...

Met Bootsey X lead singer/drummer from Detroit... last night at the Guitar Center gig. What a great guy.. We had a lot of fun shooting photos and generally terrorizing the store guys at GC. Just kidding! It was crowded with friends and parents of the contestants so we kind of hung around the perimeter. Thanks go out to the staff at Guitar Center especially manager Chris Thornburg for assistance with this story.


Anonymous said...

The drummer that should be most feared and watched is a guy named Peter Frangedakis who drummed the week before the Roseville finals. This guy HAD NOT picked up a pair of sticks in seven years until three weeks before the contest and was awesome. His story is moving. He lost his mentor who was his brother, also a drummer, seven years ago and quit drumming. He was molded in a Buddy Rich, and Louie Bellsom with no boundaries to his technique. By far, if not, one of the fastest and creative drummers. I believe next drummoff he will be the winner, he's that good. For picking up sticks three weeks before the contest he blew me away.

Retro Kimmer said...

Wow sounds fantastic! I would love to know more... plz email me retrokimmer@gmail.com

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