⦁ Put him on the "pay no mind list" – NO CONTACT, no return texts, no return phone calls, no lurking on his Facebook page, no emails, no drive-bys, no contact with his friends, no telepathic signals, no smoke signals or homing pigeons! As far as you are concerned, he no longer exists.

⦁ Get new bedding – Nothing like a new puffy comforter, new colorful sheets & pillowcases to brighten up your mood and help you sleep in luxurious peace an d comfort.

⦁ Get a makeover! New hairstyle, highlights, get your nails done, get a pedicure – then make a date for brunch with your girlfriends. You'll look fabulous! 

⦁ Take your car to get detailed – let’s face it, women like things that sparkle...

⦁ Eat, Breath, Move! Try to eat better food, veggies, salad will boost your energy.Get outside and breathe oxygen! Even if you just walk to the corner and back the air will lift your attitude. Clean your home, organize a closet, catch up on your favorite TV shows, dance, play your favorite music and sing! You'll be healed in no time… And, if you still are struggling, consider online therapy to get you through the hardest times. But, one thing is for sure, you will eventually come out on the other side smiling!

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