Happy New Year! 

I have some great news to share with you. We have just launched a brand new project it is called Detroit Rock n Roll Magazine  and it is really smoking. Our Detroit RocknRoll Magazine Facebook fan page clicked over 1000 likes in 3 days and continues to build rapidly.

 Johnny Bee Badanjek

Let me give you a little info on the evolution of Retrokimmer. I decided in 2013 that I had to get back to totally enjoying what I do.. Focusing my energy on all of my favorite fascinations and obsessions.

It's true that a lot of folks see me as a "music" blogger. While it is true that I adore music, my biggest stories have always been the crime stories, mobster stories, news, biographies, obits, and girl stories (make up, nails, fashion).

 The Howling Diablos

But what should we do with all the Detroit Rock stories that come in everyday? The music deserved to have it own page... while in the past I have focused on singular rock folks like Machinegun Thompson, Scott Morgan and Deniz Tek, it occurred to me...why not create a world for all the talented rockers in and inspired by Detroit?

 Rob Tyner

The Detroit RocknRoll Magazine page is an entertainment/information page designed to support the musicians not make them anxious or gain personal notoriety! No nasty reviews, just pure love and respect for their skills.

We will highlight the legends and encourage the new players too. The musicians give their all for us and now it is time to give back.

From Kid Rock all the way to the small cover bands..they deserve our support.

Kid Rock

Detroit rock has a lot of influence from Rhythm and Blues and we definitely owe a great debt to United Sound and Motown.  The legendary groups and artists from that genre will always be honored here.

A lot of our stories will be written by the musicians/artists/photographers themselves... to me..that is a much better experience than the same old boring Q&A formats. These stories take the fan backstage in a very personal way. What better way to experience Detroit Rock n Roll.....KOTJ xK

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Anonymous said...

I dig it, Retro Kimmer! Stay blessed this year!

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