When the opportunity to use your best talents arises, your performance will seem like magic to those around you. When you have a set of plans and enact them to perfection, quickly accomplishing your goal, people will be shocked. Your accomplishments will seem ordinary to you, as if they should have happened without question, but others will look at what you do like it is a new form of magic. All of these circumstances summon forth The Magician card from the Tarot deck. This is the card of making things happen, being in control, getting what you want because you understand how to earn it … and impressing everyone in the process of doing what comes natural to you.

Have you ever met the skilled negotiator, someone that had the gift of talk, a person that can pull together thoughts and ideas, rally people to a cause, and really make things happen? Have you ever met a person that had the gift of verbal eloquence, the persuasive speaker or salesperson that seemed to say all the right words?

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