Vikki LaMotta (January 23, 1930 – January 25, 2005), born Beverly Thailer in The Bronx, New York, was an ex-wife of boxer Jake LaMotta

This story is guest written by Pamela S.

One fascinating story that I know has always fascinated me was Jake LaMotta and his wife, Vicki. "Raging Bull" was based on his bio and seems his wife found a ghostwriter 20 or so years before she died but wasn't happy with his book so she asked that everything be kept under wraps until she died.

But she was far more colorful than the movie even suggests. Jake LaMotta was much more mean and violent than depicted in the movie. She met him when he was married and she was maybe 13 or 14.

She was assaulted by a neighborhood boy when she was 14. She married Jake at 16. After 11 years of abuse, she divorced Jake but they always remained friends.

Her first date after the divorce was Johnny Carson and she went on to date Sam Giancana and start her own cosmetic line which was very successful.

She posed for Playboy at 51 years old and that sold more copies than any other Playboy. She did it because she wanted to show women around the world that their life doesn't end at 30 after a divorce.

Sadly, she died at I think 80 or 85 when she had heart surgery. Anyways, just kind of a cool story about a boxer and his long suffering wife who by all accounts was said to be a "very nice lady." Keep up your fascinating stories and take care....

Vikki LaMotta wrote her brutally honest life story 18 years ago but was so shocked by the finished manuscript she insisted it be withheld until after her death (she died in February, 2005). She describes a life lived among such celebrities as boxing champion Jake LaMotta, Johnny Carson, Frank Sinatra, Sam Giancana, Robert De Niro and Hugh Hefner. It was a life marked by violence, sex and betrayal, but ultimately her story is one of personal triumph and fulfillment.


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