Deniz Tek has one of the longest lists of accomplishments of any person in history...He is a legendary guitarist , former Navy Flight Surgeon, Painter, Writer, Sculptor, and a DAD...So his girl, the fabulous photographer and designer Anne Laurent had her hands full doing a massive makeover on Deniz's old web page.Anne did a most AMAZING job on this site! I know how difficult this page remake had to be...

The old page had this huge shot of Deniz wearing his Navy flight helmet...you couldn't see his face! There may be a lot of stars who a covered face would be a blessing but NOT DENIZ TEK....LOL

Deniz is movie star handsome and to me...there should 600 photos of him on there! Yes yes.. he is a beautiful guy to view and is a lovely man in real life as well...

Retro Kimmer

Deniz's new page is really clean and mean! The Top menu is really great! Those are so hard to create and Anne did a spectacular job organizing his life into 10 buttons. Some people can barely fill 3 buttons but Deniz needs 20!

Everything about Deniz's various careers is linked from one easy to navigate page. Before he had his different works spread across many pages.

Deniz's Band Histories could be 5 pages ALONE! 

I'll bet a lot of you fans didn't know just what a fabulous artist Deniz Tek is as well (when does he have TIME??)...Anne put a sweet section on his painting here.....

The hardest part of doing a website for a famous musician is their DISCOGRAPHY...and with Deniz's long list of music, Anne had her work cut out for her! There is a great Gallery too of photos and videos...I spent a long time in there! There are great Facebook share buttons and by all means you can pin the images on Pinterest!

Deniz and Anne

Anne Laurent has done an amazing job capturing Deniz Tek's attitude and personality through graphic design and photography. I know just how hard it is to capture the coolest look for these rock guys...They need to look a certain way, and tough is better than sweet....sometimes....XK

Good JOB Anne Laurent and LUCKY GUY is DENIZ TEK

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