From Psychopathfree

These people are obsessed with winning. They invent games and trick others into participating, without ever explaining the rules. In fact, their targets are never even aware that they're playing a game to begin with.

Psychopath/Narcissists exploit vulnerabilities and dreams in order to fool others, and then gleefully declare victory when their target is left broken & devastated. By manufacturing and controlling every aspect of the game, they assure themselves that they are always "winning", but in reality, these games are merely a distraction from their life-consuming jealousy and boredom.

Without souls of their own, they feel compelled to destroy the souls of other people. This gives them a temporary sense of superiority, oblivious to the fact that truly happy individuals do not need to harm others in order to feel good about themselves. Psychopaths will always get what they want from the game, because they've orchestrated it from beginning to end. But just because a person gets what they want certainly does not make them a winner.

This book is life changing for the better....

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