The Chariot card affirms that my alter ego is a Promoter, idol or patriot, whose superpower sets objectives or avant-garde trends to compete for attention, rank or opportunity but pays a price for right action. Today I rock so bring it on -- I'll wait. I bow to, or stand for progress but 'pause for applause' to narrow the field or set stakes, stage or vehicle to motivate charades accordingly.

Performing for pride, 'pinks' or personal gain doesn't hurt my game, but lame stunts or vainglorious preening can blow a deal. Ambiguity in a rut is a drag so I play to win or my 'empire strikes back' with a spin, giving props to a blueprint or back-story that hits the spot on my ambition's ego trip. Yet it's competence and valor in the vision that captures the castle, recruits loyalty or paves a parade path to glory. I've arrived and I'm ready for my close up so 'move it or lose it.'

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