One of 2 Jackie Brown autograph posters of Marc's

Had a email from an author today who was the long time barber to beloved Detroit native, Elmore "Dutch" Leonard. The author's name is Marc Joseph Ludeman. He also owns Marc Joseph's barber salon in Royal Oak.

Marc is putting together a book about cutting Elmore Leonard's hair and all of the stories...there must be a lot of stories to share..

Dutch and Marc

The movie poster from TOUCH  given to me by Elmore,, he traced his hand & signed it inside ,,,I have a total of 6 each with its own story.

Marc met Elmore in the mid. 80's. It was then that MTV was exploding onto the scene, He took public access classes learning film video mixing production. Marc asked to run camera for somebody that was interviewing Elmore Leonard... that was his first meeting with him then years later Marc became his barber. Marc says that Dutch recorded an intro to a song that he plans to include with the book.

Stay tuned to RK for release date and purchase information. Can't wait to read this book!

For interviews and more info connect with Marc on LinkedIN

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