This story is breaking today from PAGE SIX that Henry Hill felt sorry for poor Estee Lauder during the ransacking of her home by his crew.. Hill supposedly charmed Estee into being his friend..Maybe Ray Liotta's version of Hill but not the real Henry Hill...no way..

Personally, I find the Henry Hill connection more than far fetched. Unthinkable!  I cannot picture a brilliant and powerful woman like Miss Lauder sitting in a popular restaurant chatting with a sociopath like Henry Hill while she knew her staff and husband were in danger...Estee Lauder befriending this crook is ridiculous in my opinion.

Henry Hill's "Queen for a Day" deal with the FBI meant that in order for him to go into witness protection he had confess ALL of his crimes as part of his immunity deal with the FEDS and his taking Estee Lauder to PJ Clarke's would have been major news back then...Henry Hill, ever the self promoter, would have crowed this relationship from the highest rooftops! IMO

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Anonymous said...

Never happened.

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