Rio's gonna rock all night till she just can't rock no more....

Had the distinct pleasure of chatting for hours with the mighty Rio Scafone the other night and she gave me a much needed BLAST of RIO POWER....This girl is the real deal..A member of the Screen Actor's Guild and dynamic performer, Rio takes on the world with one hand tied behind her back! Nothing can stop this girl's energy....By all means necessary...get to this show coming up on February 22, 2014 at Callahans. I am gonna dust off my limo and get on out there!

 Rio and her Uncle Jack Scott

Bet you guys didn't know that Miss Rio Scafone is the niece of Jack Scott, the first rocker of Detroit. Jack Scott's real name is Jack Scafone...Read more about Jack on his official website.

Rio doesn't mess around...she is a force of nature. Her number one goal is to give her fans every ounce of energy she has. Her band is top notch and they have to be to keep up with her!  She likes to leave that stage completely spent. This is not your Dad's rockabilly... This is rockabilly meets James Brown...LOL

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Michael Spicer said...

Thanx Kimmer, this woman is right up there with Delilah DeWilde

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