Accomplice Diana Kilic testified today that John Dahlinger hired her and then after a lot of drugs and alcohol, he wanted her to sleep with one of his sons. Danyell Thomas who had been circling the neighborhood, entered the apartment and after what he claimed was a "struggle" with Dahlinger,shot him.  The massive beating to Dahlinger's face was not mentioned yet in this story HERE

WoodTV 8 did a news update today regarding the cell phone records of murder victim John Dahlinger. The Grand Rapids police released information found on Dahlinger's cell phone that connected the victim to a prostitution site BackPage.  He had been soliciting prostitutes from that site. He even had one of the working girls' number saved on his phone.

As we posted back at the time of the murder, Dahlinger had been trying to "date" women on normal dating sites as well. John was a very busy guy, it would seem. He has left a large paper trail, emails from his jobs, cell phone calls and texts and his online history will most likely complete this saga of John Dahlinger's "secret" life.

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) - Grand Rapids police say the number of a prostitute listed on the cellphone of a murdered businessman led them to the two suspects connected to his death.

John Dahlinger, 56, was found dead in his home on Krislin Drive NE on Oct. 16, 2013. The Kent County medical examiner determined he died of blunt force trauma and a gunshot wound and a heart attack. Danyell Thomas and Dijana Kilic -- a prostitute whom Dahlinger had hired for sex, police say -- face charges in connection to the murder.

This video is disturbing in so many ways...Why is the "girlfriend" testifying before a trial? Her statements under oath are extremely questionable...

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