Lee Iacocca

My pal and awesome Detroit DJ Jim Harper sent in these 2 great story ideas...

1. We are asking friends to post their favorite vintage urban legends about Detroit. Example: the story about the person who stopped to help a guy with a flat tire and the next day a new car was in their driveway as "thanks". The person with the flat turned out to be Henry Ford/Lee Iacocca. These stories always start with something like "this actually happened to my mother's best friend's sister".


2. Another one: since Henry Ford II invested heavily in the construction of the Dearborn Hyatt years ago, he was visiting the construction site and ended up kicking out giant plate glass windows on the top floor, because he didn't approve. 

You can post your stories below in the comment section or if easier email them to me at retrokimmer@gmail.com

Jim and I are excited to see what tales of Detroit come forth! THANKS SO MUCH! 


  1. I grew up in east Dearborn. On Outer Drive there was a house with a big picture window. A very large doll was placed in the window, and its clothes were changed every day to match the weather. Sometimes a bathing suit, sometimes a sundress and in the winter, various snow suits. This went on for decades, and may still be going on . I have since moved out of state, so haven't seen it in about 10 years.

    Now all of the above is true. The urban legend is that the owner's daughter died and she dressed the doll in the girl's clothes. It was a normal part of our Dearborn lives to drive by the house and see what the doll was wearing, and speculate about how the girl died.

  2. I grew up not too far from that house. Last time I drove past it, the doll was still there. The legend was debunked in a Dearborn Press & Guide article many years back.

  3. The dad ran over his daughter with his car. The doll was a memorial to the dead kid.

  4. Does anyone know the cross streets to this house? I'd like to drive by the next time I'm in Dearborn.

  5. Monroe Street and Outer Drive

  6. Crazy story, I remember the doll when I was growing up about 40 years ago, I was working in Dearborn 3 years ago, stopped to help an elderly woman shovel her snow, it was the doll house, and it's still in the window, I didn't have the courage to ask her.


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