The Nine of Pentacles card suggests that my power today lies in gratification. The fruits of my labor already exist in my values. My garden of purpose is perennial and forever in need of tending but I am surrounded by the results I have intended to create. I am empowered by the splendor that is m life and my asset is personal validation.

9 of Pentacles: The woman's robes and a large house in the background are testaments to wealth. Pentacles represent materialism, wealth and the real world consequences. The woman is lounging about her own little corner of the world. She appears to have leisure time enough to care for a bird as a hobby.

being disciplined
exercising self-control
showing restraint
reining in impulses
sacrificing to reach a goal
sticking to a program
taking a step-by-step approach
relying on yourself
handling the situation alone
acting on your own
falling back on your own resources
doing it all by yourself
wanting to be alone
feeling sure your way is best
pursuing refinement
achieving a comfortable lifestyle
avoiding the coarse and unsavory
being tactful and diplomatic
seeking high-minded activities
enjoying the finer things of life
remembering to be gracious
enjoying leisure

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