Halt and Catch Fire, known by the mnemonic HCF, refers to several computer machine code instructions that cause the CPU to cease meaningful operation. The expression "catch fire" is intended as a joke; the CPU does not literally catch fire, but it does stop functioning. It is also occasionally referred to as "SDI" for "Self Destruct Immediate".

AMC’s new original series Halt and Catch Fire debuts this Sunday, June 1 at 10/9c on AMC. Want to delve into the series before it begins? Here are ten ways to get ready:

1. PREVIEW: the FULL premiere episode, “I/O” on amc.com now.

2. Check out four sneak peek photos from the series premiere.

3. Take a look at a video interview with stars Lee Pace (Joe MacMillan), Scoot McNairy (Gordon Clarke) and Mackenzie Davis (Cameron Howe), then watch some Halt and Catch Fire trailers to get a feel for the series.

4. Learn the meaning of the show’s title with a video defining the phrase “halt and catch fire.”

5. See what happens when modern-day kids are asked to interact with computers from the Halt and Catch Fire era with this all new video from the Fine Brothers.

6. Meet the show’s main players in four character videos introducing Joe MacMillan, Gordon Clark, Cameron Howe and Donna Clark.

7. Check out a gallery of character portraits from Halt and Catch Fire.

8. Join the Halt and Catch Fire Members Only Club for exclusive access to the latest news, videos, interviews with the cast, and the chance to participate in monthly prize drawings.

9. Get social! Follow Halt and Catch Fire on Tumblr, then like Halt and Catch Fire on Facebook, and follow Halt and Catch Fire on Twitter.

10. Download a Halt and Catch Fire Facebook Timeline image or desktop wallpaper.
Halt and Catch Fire premieres this Sunday, June 1 at 10/9c on AMC.

this is such a FUN video.....take a look at how far we have come with computers since the 80s....I began with a DOS machine, then 486 Win 3.1..these kids are being completely honest....


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