If you find yourself worrying about stuff, or you're being at all negative about how things may turn out, STOP right now and SWITCH your focus.

Happiness is a state of mind! It sounds cliché, but it's true! If you want to feel happier and more positive then you must focus on something that makes you feel happy and positive! ... Come on, there's always SOMETHING to be happy about!!

Approach your life in this way and your whole demeanor will change, and you'll begin to attract good news, happy circumstances and more positive people.

Remember, even when it's really difficult, that it's always your choice whether you focus on the roses or the manure!

becoming enlightened
finding the sense behind the chaos
attaining a new level of insight
having an intellectual breakthrough
getting to the heart of the matter
realizing the truth
experiencing greatness
achieving prominence
being singled out for notice
having a personal moment of glory
setting an outstanding example
shining forth brilliantly
demonstrating distinction
becoming the center of attention
feeling vitality
becoming radiantly energized
bursting with enthusiasm
experiencing joy
feeling invigorated
getting charged up
enjoying great health
having assurance
feeling free and expansive
honoring your true self
knowing you can succeed
being confident
believing in your worth
trusting your abilities
forgiving yourself

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