The Two of Chalices card suggests that my power today lies in compromise. I am not alone. I offer and accept love, support, and happiness to connect with the pleasure and beauty of my hearts desire. There are two sides to everything and I don't always have to be right. I am empowered by expression and my gift is attraction.

Victorian Romantic Tarot, Two of Cups: "When this card comes up in a reading, if it relates to the inner journey, then it tells you to put your attention in the moment, to leave the past behind, and to let yourself be free to enjoy everything that comes your way....And finally, it may reassure you that the meaningful relationship in your life will strengthen and grow, developing into exactly what you need it to be!!.

making a connection
joining with another
celebrating a marriage or union
cementing a friendship
establishing a partnership
working together
helping and being helped
seeing commonalities
calling a truce
healing a severed relationship
bringing together opposites
letting bygones be bygones
coming to a satisfactory agreement
declaring peace
forgiving and forgetting
acknowledging an attraction
recognizing a bond that is developing
accepting your preferences
letting yourself be drawn in
moving toward
feeling a positive response

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