The Ace of Cups card suggests that my power today lies in capturing the essence. My emotions are valid. I am beautiful and I deserve to pursue, share, and express unconditional love, pleasure, and happiness. I bring new love into the world. I am empowered by love and my gift is beauty in truth.

When you see the #AceofCups in your #dailytarot, you can expect some movement in the romance department. This card suggests that you should listen to your heart, trust your intuition and follow your dreams. Share your feelings in order to reach out and touch someone and you'll find it becomes easier to offer your love without restraint or condition.

using emotional force
getting in touch with your feelings
letting your heart lead the way
empathizing with others
expressing deep feelings
responding viscerally
developing intuition
trusting your inner voice
responding to messages from within
experiencing direct knowing
enhancing your psychic awareness
getting in tune with yourself
going with your gut reaction
experiencing intimacy
feeling an attraction grow
falling in love
establishing a bond with another
developing a relationship
getting close to someone
going to a deeper level
proceeding with love
expressing affection
opening yourself to others
responding sympathetically
letting your love light shine
giving to those in need
getting rid of negativity
forgiving and forgetting

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