I really love this cd...Dylan at age 17, has his own sound but he definitely is a fan of Retro. He likes the Beatles, Hollies and British Invasion... you can hear that influence in his music. Listen to his entire CD HERE

Dylan Gardner has arrived in grand fashion with Adventures in Real Time, an effortlessly joyous debut album blazing bright with melodic flair, forward-thinking fervor, and a 21st century grasp of musical history.  Having come of age with the entirety of the pop continuum at his fingertips, the 17-year-old singer/songwriter/producer has been able to inhale and process the rock canon in the same time it took previous generations to peruse the D-G bin in their local record store.  Animated by brisk hooks, breezy melodies, and big, big dreams, Adventures will be released on May 13th.

Adventures in Real Time Track List:
1) Let's Get Started
2) Heroes Tonight
3) I'm Nothing Without You
4) Too Afraid To Love You
5) I Think I'm Falling For Something
6) The Actor
7) Sing For The Stars
8) Feeling Of Love
9) With A Kiss
10) Invincible

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