The Emperor card affirms that my alter ego today is elevated as a role model or by proxy as the Enforcer, whose superpower is contracted to establish merciful boundaries or to secure and defend the vested interests of my charges under or as this virile "Father Figure." I'm large and in charge as master of my domain -- as long as you say so or so long as I command the authority and protect the realm. 

I take pride in directing the action, building a safe environment or molding my vision, and conquering resistance through permissible limits. It would be my honorable duty to stand up today as leader in support of those whose loyalty I vitally depend on to give me relevant meaning, fortitude or practical production for use. I won't let them down. Keep to the bargain but leave room for improvement, or risk becoming possessive, oppressive or disconnected by choice and cast out of the castle. 



establishing a family line

setting direction and tone

protecting and defending

guiding growth

bringing security and comfort

offering explanations
emphasizing structure

creating order out of chaos


being systematic

providing shape and form

being organized

applying reason


sticking to a plan
exercising authority

taking a leadership role


exerting control

representing the establishment

being in a position of strength

coming in contact with officials

setting direction

establishing law and order

operating from sound principles

applying rules or guidelines

working within the legal system

setting standards of behavior

following a regimen

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