It would appear from accounts we have been following, that wife of 34 years Jean Kasem, couldn't let go of her husband no matter what type of torture his health was causing him. The kids knew that Casey was in hideous condition and needed mercy intervention. 

So most likely the answer was that Jean took Casey to Washington state to escape having to remove him from life support. Sadly, he was suffering and as much as we sympathize with Jean's loss, we are relieved that the legendary DJ will be free from this horrible pain.

The courts reversed their decision to force feed him and now have agreed to remove him from life support....

What in the world is going on with this poor man? Are the children gold digging and are so evil that his wife Jean would go to such extremes to keep them away? Or is she the evil controlling step mother from hell? This whole scene is a giant nightmare and all I can say is poor Casey Kasem... he was one of the hardest working men in entertainment. I am certain that if he was in his right mind he would be horrified by the shenanigans of his family. FULL STORY

Kasem was married to Linda Myers from 1972 to 1979 and they have three children together Kerri Kasem Mike Kasem and Julie Kasem.Liberty Irene Kasem is his daughter with current wife Jean.

In October 2013, Kerri Kasem said her father was suffering from Parkinson's disease.[16] Due to his condition, Kasem is no longer able to speak.[17] On October 1, 2013 Casey Kasem's three adult children and his brother protested in front of Kasem's home, saying Jean Kasem had been preventing contact with Kasem for three months.[15] On October 7, 2013, Julie Kasem and her husband, Dr. Jamil Aboulhosn, filed a conservatorship petition to place Casey Kasem under their care.

On May 12, 2014, Kerri Kasem was granted conservatorship over Jean Kasem's objection. The court also ordered an investigation into Casey Kasem's whereabouts after Jean Kasem's attorney said that Kasem had been removed from the country and would not reveal his location to the court.

LOS ANGELES — A judge on Monday ordered an investigation into the whereabouts of Casey Kasem after an attorney for the ailing radio personality’s wife said the former “Top 40″ host had been removed from the country.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Daniel S. Murphy ordered a court investigator and adult protective services to find out where Kasem is being treated and report back to the court. Kasem, 82, suffers from advanced Parkinson’s disease, can no longer speak and has been in various medical facilities chosen by his wife, Jean Kasem.

ABC US News | ABC Entertainment News

Casey Kasem, the most famous DJ in America, has disappeared, and his whereabouts remain a mystery, even to his own children.

A judge ordered an investigation into Kasem’s whereabouts Monday after an attorney for the ailing radio personality's wife said the former "Top 40" host had been removed from Los Angeles without his children's knowledge.

Kasem, 82, suffers from Lewy body dementia, which causes a progressive decline in mental abilities. He has been in various medical facilities chosen by his wife, Jean Kasem.

Kasem’s children say their stepmother had barred them from seeing their father. This is the family’s second bitter court battle over visitation.

Daughter Kerri Kasem had sought a temporary conservator-ship and was appointed her father's temporary caretaker Monday. Her attorney, Troy Martin, said the family believes the entertainer has been taken to an Indian reservation in Washington state.

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