The Ten of Pentacles comes to bring news of wealth, abundance, life falling in to place, and connection to family. The ten of pentacles is a card of goals reached, and dreams come true. This is a day for celebration, for gratitude, and spreading the love.

The ten of pentacles brings forth a time of stability, financial sustainability, possibly even a miraculous event drawing to you an abundance of wealth. This card tells you that you have reached a place where you no longer need worry about money; you no longer need to worry about anything. You have the resources available now to do all you wish to do. Your dreams are coming alive, and you are fulfilling your destiny. This card reminds you to share the abundance, to spread the love, and to stay on your path. This financial success is merely a means to help ensure your path is paved, and the things you are meant to do, can be done. Also remember, that your path is not work or drudgery, it is your passion, it is your joy, it is fun! Play!

You have traveled a long way to get here; you have created, and re-created, in order to set your self up for this moment. It is here the life you are meant to experience. Enjoy it, enjoy all of it. Stay present in this moment and trust that all is taking you to your highest good. You are here to help awaken the world. Keep showing up doing what you do. You are serving the world and everyone in it, by living your life as an example of what is possible. And remember, Love, all things are possible. You are the co-creator of your life. Look at all you have done, and this is just the beginning!

If your question today is regarding love, the ten of pentacles tells you that great shifts are happening and you are about to have an experience unlike any other before. Love is coming in passionate force. Beautiful love, true love, authentic love. This love will help you heal from the past wounds; it will help you release them once and for all. This love will integrate into your life in ways you never imagined. If you are in a relationship now, it is about to move into a new chapter, a one with deeper connection, and renewed passion. If you are single, then get ready, love is here, knocking at your door. Be open to receive it, it is who you have been waiting for. Enjoy this adventure; do not get caught up in preconceived ideas of what this relationship is supposed to look like. Allow it to unfold naturally, to happen in its own sweet way. You do not need to stir the pot, trust the Universe, trust you are safe, and have fun!! Play!

If your question today regards your career, then hold on, love! Everything is about to shift into high gear. You will find the job you have been seeking. There is fulfillment here, a sense of accomplishment, and pride in yourself and what you are creating. And what you are creating is part of the change this world is seeking. You are on path! Remember to stay focused on what you want, and let go of the thoughts regarding what you are scared will happen. No more focusing on what you do not want.....it is a time for peace, for love, for abundance. It is time for you to accept that it is part of your path. And that the more you have to more you have to give. Spread the love!

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