The Six of Swords card suggests that my power today lies in transition. I have what I need and am willing to trust the process order to move on, seek refuge or new opportunity. I'm not willing to remain where my perceptions are invalidated but being vulnerable I must rely on guidance to move in a new direction or trust that I can make it or be led to security and new hope. 'Wherever you go, there you are.' I am empowered by perseverance and my virtue is survival. To keep moving, because the end of a long journey is in sight!

In a more positive vein, the Six of Swords can indicate recovery. This is especially true when you have just experienced a tough time or psychological blow. During the crisis, you felt numb and disconnected; nothing mattered at all. Now you are beginning to heal and pick up the pieces of your life. The travelers in our boat are at least moving forward. They are headed toward a new place, even if they are not yet ready to eagerly embrace those shores.

In fact, the Six of Swords can indicate travel and moves of all kinds. This could mean an actual change of scene, relocation or trip, but not necessarily. A journey can also take place on the inner planes as we move from one frame of mind to another.

dealing with the effects of trauma getting over a tough time picking up the pieces starting to cope beginning to get your health back heading toward a more positive place feeling hope again
changing location moving from one place to another taking a trip experiencing a change of scene being uprooted going on a journey entering into a new frame of mind

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