The Ace of Wands card suggests that my power today lies in initiation. I am a winner by virtue of my desire, belief, vision, and intention. I bring fresh inspiration into the world and am "master of my domain." My solution is found in creative transformation and I am empowered by my spark of life. 

using creative force
inventing a better way
expanding your potential
opening to greater possibilities
conceiving a dream
expressing yourself
stimulating your imagination
allowing a talent to unfold
coming up with a solution
showing enthusiasm
feeling fired up and eager
creating an aura of excitement
being ready to tackle the world
inspiring others
sustaining optimism
giving 110%
having confidence
believing in yourself
feeling assured of your abilities
being sure of success
having high self-esteem
having faith in your path
knowing things will work out
proceeding with courage
tackling a challenging task
going beyond your limits
being true to your beliefs
daring to take a stand
facing your fears
going for it

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