Hey I am going to be filming the RocknRoll Hair show this upcoming Saturday night at the Detroit Pub...

Come out an support a great cause...preventing teenage suicide. We will be shooting at Jackie Wallace's BonCiDello Salon&Spa in the afternoon. The Slaon will be rocking hair and nails for the models (and me!) We can't wait to be hanging with the stylists and nail techs! I am hoping to get some cool nail designs! We can't wait for this weekend! xoK

THE BONCIDELLO SALON & SPA, is blessed with a very talented staff who are excited to participate in helping our local charities . Last year we were able to support a local family whose child had brain tumor by holding a hair show event at a local bar.

This year we are able to support the charity KnowResolve. This charity helps with suicide prevention in teens. The founder hosts talks at our local school educating the students about depression and suicide .

  CRISIS LINE 1-800-273-TALK

KnowResolve is an important non-profit organization dedicated to promoting mental health and reducing youth suicide through outreach, advocacy and education. Their goals are to increase help-seeking behavior, connect teens and young adults to available resources, promote the development of healthy coping skills and promote relationship-building among students on school campuses.

The Boncidello Salon Team
The Boncidello Salon & Spa Team organized their 2014 RocknRoll Hair Show to raise funds and awareness for this very important teen suicide prevention campaign.

The evening will showcase four local bands with Boncidello Salon & Spa models rocking the runway with the hottest hair styles of 2014 between sets.

(formerly of 34 Bliss)

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