The once light and spacious venue is now dark and moldy. What scraps are left of this once majestic building are up for sale. One would figure the copper and any other valuable wiring would have already been removed by scavengers. My question is what is left to sell?

AP A marvel of 1970s-era engineering, the stadium covered by a 10-acre, Teflon-covered roof supported by air once was THE place to see big events — the Super Bowl, the NBA finals, the World Cup, WrestleMania.

Nowadays, the 80,000-seat venue north of Detroit is a shell of its former self. The unforgiving Michigan weather shredded its roof, long strands of which hang from high above or are crumpled on the stadium floor.

The elements have wreaked havoc. Without electricity, the stadium's innards are dark and mold-infested. The weed-covered turf, on which Sanders once made tacklers look silly, is floating on a foot of water like an oversized lily pad. Workers scared off a pair of foxes living underneath the roof remnants that cover a section of Honolulu blue chairs in the lower bowl. FULL STORY HERE


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