Aerosmith wraps up the first leg of its Global Warming Tour with a show Sunday in Bristow, Virginia. It won't be long before the band will be back on the road, though, as guitarist Brad Whitford reports in a video message taped a few days ago.

In the clip, Whitford reveals that the next series of dates will take place "in October, November and into December…probably wrapping it up sometime before the holidays."

In addition, the guitarist notes that Aerosmith has "a whole bunch of things lined up for the fall, including special television appearances."

Whitford also boasts that "the band probably's been playing better than it's ever played" on tour. He adds that perhaps that has to do with the group being "very psyched" about their new album, Music from Another Dimension!, which comes out on November 6.

As for his non-Aerosmith activities, the guitarist reveals that he's planning on participating again in the multi-artist Experience Hendrix Tour, the next installment of which he expects to take place this coming February and March.

Whitford reports that the organizers for the traveling Jimi Hendrix tribute are "working on a very big name artist to come in and be part of the show." He adds, however, that the guest star is "unconfirmed yet and I'm just not allowed to say who it is."

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