Creedence Clearwater Revival

1970 - Creedence Clearwater Revival released "Looking Out My Back Door."

1970 - Janis Joplin bought a headstone for the grave of one of her personal idols, blues singer Bessie Smith.

1975 - Hank Williams, Jr. tumbled 500 feet down a mountain in Montana. Following two years on the mend, he made his return to music.

1982 - Jefferson Starship’s Mickey Thompson married Sara Kendrick.

1986 - David Crosby was released from prison after serving a sentence for possession of drugs and weapons.

1992 - Metallica frontman James Hetfield was injured by an onstage explosion at a Montreal show. At the same concert, a riot broke out after Axl Rose cut Guns 'N' Roses' set short due to a sore throat.

2000 - Oasis walked off stage in Portugal for the second time in two weeks after drummer Alan White was pelted with a rock.


1956 Ali Score of A Flock of Seagulls
1957 Dennis Drew of 10,000 Maniacs
1959 Rikki Rockett of Poison
1961 The Edge of U2

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