You can add “animal rights activist” to Paul McCartney’s resume. The superstar singer-songwriter and Knight of the Realm teamed with former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson and PETA to successfully advocate for Sunder, an elephant who was living in deplorable conditions in India.

According to the Times of India, Sunder’s handler mistreated him and kept him chained in the dark for seven years at the Jyotiba Temple in Maharashtra, India. When the situation became public, McCartney and Anderson both drafted letters to Indian officials asking them to step in.

“I have seen photographs of young Sunder, the elephant kept alone in a shed at a temple and put in chains with spikes,” McCartney wrote. “Years of his life have been ruined by keeping him and abusing him in this way. Enough is enough. Get Sunder out.”

India’s Forest Minister, Dr. Patangrao Shripatrao Kadam, intervened in the situation, and on Thursday it was announced that Sunder will be removed from the temple and placed at a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center near Bangalore.

“The difference between Sunder’s cruel life in chains at the temple and his new journey to freedom, love and care is like night and day,” a PETA spokesperson said. “We are grateful to the Forest Minister for agreeing to liberate Sunder and let him enjoy things that are natural and important to him for the first time in his life.”

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