Tony Scott and Tom Cruise (Top Gun)

The suicide note left by film director Tony Scott contained no mentions of why the "Top Gun" maker would take his own life, the Los Angeles Times reported on Friday, citing law enforcement sources probing the death that has baffled Hollywood.

The note, along with other letters Scott left behind before jumping from a Los Angeles bridge earlier this week, did not mention health problems and authorities told the LA Times they may never be able to determine a reason Scott took his own life.

Scott, 68, the brother of Oscar-winning director Ridley Scott, had recently completed a film and seemed to be in good health when he parked his car on a suspension bridge over Los Angeles harbor, climbed a fence to get to the edge and jumped off, plunging nearly 200 feet (61 meters) to the water below.

Vincent Thomas Bridge Los Angeles

Officials in Los Angeles opened a suicide investigation, and Ed Winter, an assistant chief of the Los Angeles County coroner’s office, said on Monday that an autopsy was being performed. “We know that he jumped from the bridge, 200 feet in height,” Mr. Winter said in a telephone interview. “It was reported that several people witnessed him jump.”

Mr. Scott was reported to have spoken recently with Mr. Cruise about developing a sequel to “Top Gun,” a supercharged drama about fighter-jet pilots that became a worldwide hit for both Mr. Scott and Mr. Cruise in 1986. The film took in about $350 million at the box office worldwide, and earned Mr. Scott a reputation for delivering dramas with fast pacing, thrilling effects and stunt work.
Simon Halls, a publicist for both Tony and Ridley Scott, said he did not know what issues might have contributed to Mr. Scott’s death, and he offered no immediate comment from Ridley Scott, who he said was en route from London.

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