Got a phone call from my pal drummer Al King yesterday and he wanted to introduce me to the creator and disc jockey from Revenge of the 80's Radio Network, Chris Cordani.

Johnny Bee Badanjek Clem Burke and Al King

Chris and Kimmer hit it off from the gate...I love meeting people who are making their dreams come true... Chris is definitely in that category...

Chris Cordani

My reason for creating Retro: Kimmer in the first place was to share my passion for the style of the 1960's decade. Chris is very similar about the 1980's. His passion for music and broadcasting in general is infectious. He taught me so much just in one phone call. We both love Dave Wakeling and the English Beat, Blondie, Bow Wow, and more. Chris has interviewed them all.. His website is very easy to navigate and you can listen live or pick shows out of his huge archive.

Chris with Nikki Corvette

The 80's decade in music was fabulous. Chris is doing such a great job archiving this era. Here he is above with our mutual friend Nikki Corvette in NYC..That girl gets around! LOL...

Al King met Chris when he was playing with Gorvette and opening for the Donnas. Deniz Tek, Chris Taylor and Al King are being interviewed by Chris Cordani about the new Mazinga music that has just been released...

Deniz playing with Mazinga...Al King in the background

Chris and I plan on tag teaming the internet on some new projects coming at you soon... Kimmer will be interviewed on Revenge of the 80's and we will be inventing new projects we can do together online. This is going to be FUN! Thanks Chris!!!

Once again.. THANK YOU to AL KING... xxK


Revenge of the 80s Radio meets Retro Kimmer

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