One would think that a television show called ‘Boss’ would naturally feature a theme by Bruce Springsteen. However, since man known throughout rock as “The Boss” doesn’t license his music, star and executive producer Kelsey Grammer had to look elsewhere for a song, and has found it in Robert Plant‘s take on the traditional tune, ‘Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down.’

Grammer says the inspiration to use the song, which appeared on Plant’s 2010 folk-influenced project, ‘Band of Joy,’ came directly from Percy himself. “Robert Plant is a friend of mine and an acquaintance,” he told ContactMusic. “And we had drinks one night in New York City, and I had just seen his concert with the Band of Joy that he’s been doing, and he said, ‘You know, Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down is a great song’. I said, ‘Yeah, that is a great song.’”

‘Boss’ stars Grammer as the mayor of Chicago who keeps his health problems a secret in order to remain in power. Grammer believes that the song’s use in the opening credits helps create the tension in the drama.

“I think it’s remarkable as a piece to open the show,” he continued. “And I think it does foretell a little bit. It also misleads a little bit. It leaves a mystery open, and I like the way it feels. It’s a great performance.”

The second season of ‘Boss’ will premiere on the Starz network on Aug. 17.

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